HPZ 211 X

Zoom profile spotlight with condenser, Fanless
10 - 22°
2.000 W

Beam angle / zoomadjustable from 10 to 22°
Axial luminous intensity1.000.000 cd at 10°
245.000 cd at 22°
Reflector Dichroic cold light glass reflector
Counter Reflectorspherical polished high purity aluminium
SocketG 22 for Tungsten 2.000 W
CoolingFanless - no noise
(A x B xC)
870 x 430 x 595 mm

  • High performance optics with 2 - lens condenser optics
  • Zoom optics with two polished and anti-reflective plano-convex lenses
  • Aspherical condenser lens antireflective
  • Convection cooling without fan, without forced ventilation of the lamp, without disturbing fan noise
  • Rotatable integrated four-blade shutter and a field-replaceable beam size iris.
  • Soft glass mounting option inside the zoom tube
  • uniform light distribution with a precise image of the beam shapers and projections
  • Focal length and focusing single-side-adjustable by individual controls, to avoid dangers without having to change
  • Operating panel with 4-Shaper-Unit (Optional 8 shutters) and a slot for a gobo holder (size A)
  • Optional non-thermoconductive goboholder
  • Beam Shaper Unit with 4 non-thermoconductive handles, arranged in 4 levels. With the possibility simultaneously sliding in all 4 shapers
  • The lamp housing is fully rotatable through 360° and 9 times lockable
  • Lamp housing cover can be swivelled back to provide rapid access to lamp
  • anthracite-coloured heat and wear resistant finish.
  • three-slot front cassette according to DIN 15560 (245 x 245mm) for gel holders and accessories
  • All metal parts are corrosion-protected.
  • Handles and controls are made from non-thermoconductive materials.
  • Gobo holder Size A + / - 42° additional to the Lamp housing rotatable
  • Beam shaping shutters + / - 42° additional to the Lamp haouse rotatable
Scope of delivery
  • Zoom profile spotlight Fanless
  • 5m mains cable Black Colour with assembled Schuko plug (CEE 7/4, Type F).
  • Metal protective grid
  • Yoke
  • Three-Slot front cassette